Trust Capital Index: how do increase it using PikcioMe?

Blog | 21 May 2019

What is PikcioMe?

PikcioMe is our customer-oriented data application. It has a private search engine, chat and PKC wallet. It provides users with the means to use common digital services while keeping them in control of their data at all times.

PikcioMe runs on a decentralized network which is a lot more secure and confidential than centralized servers – on which most applications run. However, this confidentiality means that users cannot be properly identified, which also applies to malicious users. In order to correct this and to benefit from the best of both worlds, Pikcio has established a climate of trust through its Trust Capital Index (TCI).

What is a Trust Capital Index?

The Trust Capital Index is a score that is given to each user depending on several factors we will outline below. This score aims to inform the network of a user’s reliability, and whether or not they can be trusted for various transactions. While a user with a high Trust Capital Index is trustworthy, this does not mean that a user with a low TCI is not. Because a TCI usually increases over time, new PikcioMe users are more likely to have a lower score.

How can I increase it?

The attribution of the Trust Capital Index is very straightforward and relies on two main factors. Users who wish to show the network they are trustworthy can very easily increase their score. Here’s how.

Digital identity

PikcioMe gives users the option to fill out as much personal information as they wish on their profile, though this information remains private. By filling out several fields or by adding a profile picture, users can significantly increase their TCI. Here are a few examples:

  • Name
  • Forename
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Postal address
  • Phone number

Uploading identity documents such as a passport and/or proof of address and linking PikcioMe to social media profiles also increase a user’s Trust Capital Index.

Browsing activity

As well as filling out profile information, users’ browsing activity helps them achieve a greater Trust Capital Index. Why? Simply because users who browse the Internet with PikcioMe are more likely to be genuine users, rather than passive users or nodes with potentially malicious intents – although PikcioMe’s security measures prevent them from doing so.

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