PikcioMe: what to expect from our new application

Blog | 6 May 2019

Pikcio is excited to announce the release of PikcioMe’s beta version. Here is a little taster of what to expect from your new ally: a private search engine and P2P chat, as well as a personal wallet and public profile.

PikcioMe profile

Your Pikcio profile has various sections, including an account overview and settings, as well as the following tabs:

  • Identity
  • Browsing
  • Interests
  • Downloads

Your account overview allows you to view and change your public avatar, your Pikcio ID and your Trust Capital Index (TCI). The more personal details you add to your profile, the higher your Trust Capital Index. Of course, users are completely free to only add their most basic personal details. Their TCI, however, will be quite low and visible to other users.

This section is also where you can manage your settings, ranging from your various preferences to importing your browsing history or becoming a relay node.


The “identity” tab is where you can fill out your personal details such as your name, date of birth, postal address, and so on. In future releases, you will also be able to upload identity documents such as your photo ID and your proof of address, which you can then choose to have certified for future business interactions. You will also be able connect PikcioMe to your various social media accounts.

All these features are optional, and users are under no obligation to fill them all out. Doing so will increase your Trust Capital Index and make your subscription to various services easier as the necessary data will most likely be on your profile.


The “browsing” tab shows the websites you visit the most and the number of views associated to each. This helps PikcioMe tailor your search results to your habits and preferences, ranking them on top of the result list so you don’t need to scroll endlessly until you find the desired website. The more you use the PikcioBrowser, the better the quality of your search results. If you choose to import your browsing history in your settings, your search results will be tailored to your needs straight away.

The “browsing” tab is also where you can find your browsing history, including the websites you visited and the search query you entered in your search bar. Because we know how tedious it can be to look for a website you visited a while ago, we have implemented a search bar and calendar for you to search through your history more efficiently.


The “interests” tab represents your main interests as a web graph, according to your browsing history and habits. They are also ranked with associated stats, including their percentage in your overall search activity and the number of times their featured in your search queries. Your interests can be used to connect with other people with similar interests. For the sake of your privacy, however, these interests can be deleted.


The “download” tab is pretty straightforward as it is simply your download history, with the name of the files and the date they were downloaded. Clicking on a document will prompt your device to open it so you do not need to look for it again.


The PikcioBrowser provides you with private search and tailored results. That’s right, despite not collecting your data onto a server, you still benefit from results that are curated according to their relevance to you personally. How do we do it? Our Artificial Intelligence simply records your browsing habits onto your device (and your device only) in order to learn from you, your interests and your go-to sites, in order to improve the quality of your search results. In no way is your data tracked and store for our own benefit. Only you and your device have this information.

On top of this, your search engine offers other functionalities such as choosing a light or dark theme (by clicking on the Pikcio logo) and enabling and disabling your geolocation. You can also select your search type in order for the search engine to provide you with the types of content you are looking for: web, contact, image and video. Finally, any website that caught your interest can be saved to your bookmarks folder, which you have access directly through your side menu.


Our private peer-to-peer chat, much like our search engine, protects user privacy and secures communication flows. In other words, unlike most messaging platforms, user details and messages are not stored on a database. User identities are protected, and messages are encrypted and bounce on relay nodes for maximum anonymity and confidentiality.

The chat has a search feature so you can look for contacts by entering their usernames. For those who do not yet use PikcioMe, you can also invite them to join the network.


Finally, the PikcioWallet is where you can view your PKC balance statement. From there, you can access account activity and view your latest transactions, market information and so on.

In future developments, users can transfer PKC to each other and relay nodes will receive PKC for their contribution to the network.

If you like what you read, feel free to download PikcioMe here and let us know what you think!

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