PikcioMe launch: here’s our product manifesto

Blog | 8 May 2019

Personal data management has grown increasingly complex in recent years, which is both good and bad. Bad because data is everywhere and individuals have very little control over it, good because many systems and regulations are being put in place to put a little order in the chaos.

Pikcio is launching its own contribution through PikcioMe, a personal data application. It was developed in an effort to put users in control of their data, whether they wish to share it with businesses or not. PikcioMe consists of a private browser, chat and data wallet (the latter being released in a second phase). Here are the values at the core of our product.


Our top priority is to give control back to users over their personal information. To this day, they are the only ones who do not profit from their own data which is neither good for them nor for businesses. Empowered users benefit to every (honest) actor in the digital ecosystem, and this includes businesses and governments.

By using PikcioMe, users can indeed decide which data to store and share, and can profit from such transactions. Businesses can also better manage customer data if the latter are well versed on how data collection, verification and sharing work in the digital world. By using Pikcio’s personal data applications, both businesses and customers have the right infrastructures to partner together and profit from what the other has to offer.


Further to our previous point, we believe users have the right to benefit from the digital economy, as much as businesses and other organizations do. PikcioMe provides users with the necessary tools to keep their personal information private or, should they wish to, turn it into assets they can monetise and make profit from.


In order for data to sustain and develop its value, it needs to be safe. If it is too easily leaked and shared, it is no longer an asset to its owners. Pikcio has implemented a significant amount of security measures on its decentralized peer-to-peer technology in order to protect data and make it impossible for malicious entities to spy, track and collect user data.

In a market that is saturated with claims to protect users, Pikcio is proud to make a substantial difference through PikcioMe.


Consent is at the core of PikcioMe. We want users to feel free to store personal information that they wish to reuse without worrying about their data being sold to third parties or used for Pikcio’s own benefit.

PikcioMe has strict access and privacy settings. Once data storage features are available, users will need to actively request or consent to their information being shared with a specific entity whose services they wish to access.

For instance, should a user want to open an account with a bank, they would need to consent to their identity documents and proof of address being sent to the bank.

Want to give PikcioMe a try? Download it here and send us your feedback!

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