PikcioMe: beta version’s first reviews are in

Blog | 24 June 2019

Pikcio has been working hard to provide users with a 360 tool that would grant them access to common digital services without having to compromise the confidentiality and safety of their personal data. PikcioMe is an all-in-one private search engine, peer-to-peer chat and PKC wallet. Its beta version was released early May. A month later, here is what our beta testers liked the most.

Easy installation

Users have reported that the app was easy to install, although some Mac users were required to right-click rather than double-click in order to proceed with the installation.

To install PikcioMe, users simply need to visit https://pikcio.me/ and choose their operating system: Windows, MacOS or Linux. At the moment, PikcioMe only supports Windows 8 and 10. However, our teams are currently working on supporting Windows 7.

We are also working on developing a mobile version of the app. Once it is available, users will be able to download PikcioMe directly from their App Store or Android Store.

Smooth registration

Creating a new PikcioMe account is very straightforward. Users need to:

  1. Download PikcioMe
  2. Fill out a user ID and e-mail address
  3. A private key will be generated which needs to be pasted onto the next screen
  4. A security token will be sent by e-mail which also needs to be pasted onto the app

Once the user has followed these steps, their account is created, and they can start filling out their profile or surfing the web. Users have expressed their appreciation for this smooth yet highly secure registration process.

Slick design

Our team has worked hard to design a stunning user experience that is easy to navigate, and it has been very well received so far. The three-color interface is fairly minimalist with flat design icons representing each section of the app. Added bonus: users can choose among a wide range of color themes to personalize their user experience.

Fast search

One of our biggest challenges has been to compete against mainstream search engines’ result delivery performance. And while PikcioMe’s search engine’s speed and result quality increase with regular use, our beta users have reported that the search engine offers fast search right off the bat.

Our team is currently in the process of fixing bugs and adding new features to PikcioMe ahead of its full release. In the meantime, the beta version of the desktop app is available here: https://pikcio.me/

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