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Pikcio was founded in 2017 by a group of experts in various fields: business, engineering, risk and control management as well as product development.


The company is headquartered in Switzerland but has offices and employees in different countries including France, the US, Belgrade, Singapore, China, Japan and of course Switzerland.

Pikcio reconciles businesses and customers by bringing trust to data transactions

Pikcio is a strong ally for any business responsible for customer data. We provide you with strategic advice, expertise to help you launch new initiatives as well as new, more efficient and cost-effective data management processes.


We continue to develop a range of services based on our PikcioChain, exchange tech and applicative expertise as well as encourage your success through best practices.

What make us different

PikcioChain is a highly secure data exchange platform that constantly adapts to our clients’ needs.

It protects the user’s personal information while making data acquisition and management easy for businesses.

PikcioChain provides the world’s first monetized personal data marketplace, a revolution in its concept and idea.

Our vision for a data marketplace

Pikcio is working towards an economic model where companies can exchange customer data between them to cut KYC processing times and costs. Customers would always be in absolute control of their data and no exchange can take place without their consent.


We strongly believe that empowering companies and customers is the future of data management.

A strong ecosystem

Beyond high-end technologies, another asset to Pikcio is its strong ecosystem.



Our management team

Pikcio was founded by Didier Collin de Casaubon, Cherie Arruda, Gonzague Grandval, Fabien Bucamp and Jorick Lartigau.
The company currently has 50 employees with operational teams all around the world and a Research & Development team located in Montpellier.

Find out more about our founders and notable team members below:

Gonzague Grandval
CEO & Co-founder, Lausanne (Switzerland)
Fabien Bucamp
CPO/DPO & Co-founder, Montpellier (France)
Aurélien Coget
Technical projects coordinator, Montpellier (France)
Delphine Benat - Rassat
Human Ressources Director, Montpellier (France)
Isabelle Akel
Chief Financial Officer, Bahrain (Bahrain)
Bruno Abrioux
Japan Business Development (Japan)
Véronique Gomez
Financing Manager


Blockchain technologies are key to guaranteeing highly secure data management. Instead of keeping data on a unique (and vulnerable) platform, we have chosen a decentralized peer-to-peer network where each participant validates the authenticity of the data. This technology ensures that data is safe at all times.


To take security a step further, Pikcio has chosen to develop its own private Blockchain with restricted access to the network instead of relying on a public network where privacy and security can be compromised.


It is the only Blockchain on the market that doesn’t not store user data, only its authenticity certificates (as well as data and document fingerprints), making it fully compliant with new regulatory legislations such as GDPR.


Empower your customers and trade data with absolute confidence and trust.


Our PikcioChain is a highly secure data exchange platform. It is not a ready-to-use product but rather a toolbox that constantly adapts to our clients’ environment: their needs and expectations as well as various constraints such as data security, verification and ergonomics.Control process certificationUse of pre-existing connectorsConnector creation via API connexion


They trust us
Join the team

Pikcio is first and foremost a team. We encourage creativity, freedom and independence but value team spirit above all else.


We help each other grow and believe that everyone can learn from their teammates.

If you think you and Pikcio are a match, please have a look at our job offers!

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